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Bach Khoa Innovation 2020

Bach Khoa Innovation 2020 Contest

Máy phát điện Hữu Toàn

With the motto "Customer Focus", Huu Toan Group constantly innovate products to serve customer for better everyday. We are focusing on investing the young generation in development and implementation creative and breakthrough ideas in our life. That’s why we are honored to be a sponsor the Polytechnic Innovation 2020. The competition that held annually is a good place to nurture students' innovative ideas. The final round took place on June 28, 2020 with the presence of Mr. Vuong Nguyen – R&D Manager of Huu Toan company who was a member of the panel of the judges.

Certainly Huu Toan Group will continue to accompany students in the similar creative and innovative contests in the future.

Máy phát điện Hữu Toàn

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