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Huu Toan: Success from a "breakthrough" in science and technology

Huu Toan was founded in 1982 with the starting point in the form of trading agricultural and fishery machines and generator products in Ho Chi Minh City. Over 34 years of establishment and development (1982 - 2016), Huu Toan Joint Stock Company has become one of the leading enterprises in the field of manufacturing and trading in generators, compressors machines as well as agricultural - fishery products nationwide with 02 factories in Binh Duong and Quang Nam. Along with the success, in addition to the enthusiasm and efforts of the employees, the application and innovation of science and technology (S&T) in production is considered the "factor" for Huu Toan affirms that the brand is not only for the domestic market but also worldwide one.

Science and Technology - Advantage in competition

According to a McKinsey survey, in 2007 with 9,345 global businesses, more than 53% of businesses said that innovation is the most essential element for business development. The innovation for business development is the "launchpad" to bring business to success. As commented by Professor Tran Xuan Hoai - Chairman of the Science Council, Institute of Applied Physics and Scientific Equipment: “Vietnamese enterprises can create real added value thanks to creativity from our country's land and resources, they have overcome many obstacles and innovated to assert their brand. If classified, we should classify these businesses as the number 1 innovation enterprises.

Grasping that trend, in recent years, Huu Toan has constantly innovated S&T into production. Sharing this issue, Mr. Ta Huu Toan, General Director of Huu Toan Joint Stock Company said, “To get the best results for a product, especially according to customer orders, the research and the application of S&T advances are necessary. In addition to selecting equipment supplier partners of advanced S&T countries such as Japan, Germany ..., the company also established a Research and Development Department to focus on completing documents, researching and checking every detail to ensure technical aspects as well as improve, bring S&T advances to produce the best products, according to the standards that customers require”.

 Production technology is considered as the "key point" of an enterprise because if there is good technology, it can create good products, ensure quality, and create a foothold in the market. On this basis, Huu Toan built two factories, one in Binh Duong province (Thuan An Town) and one factory in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (Quang Nam). Both factories are equipped with modern machinery systems, and apply CNC technology (Computer Numerical Control) into production, with the product quality is strictly controlled according to ISO 9001: 2008 standard certified by UKAS organization (UK).

 With these successes, up to now, Huu Toan has been authorized as the official OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in Vietnam of the world-famous engine and generator manufacturers such as Yanmar, FPT (Iveco), MTU, Volvo Penta, Mecc Alte, Marathon, Kohler, Mitsubishi ... The company's position is increasingly maintained and enhanced, with a series of products being exported to more than 30 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and annual export turnover exceeds USD 05 million.”.

Step by step dominates the "difficult" market

 Currently, Huu Toan Company is considered as a leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing and trading industrial - agricultural - fishery products in Vietnam such as generators, air compressors, generators, water pumps... With the strength of diversified products in designs, models and constantly being improved, Huu Toan products are more and more trusted by customers. Currently, the company has a sales network throughout the provinces and cities nationwide and in more than 30 countries around the world.

 “Recently, the company has exported to Japan, specifically Meg Milk Snow Brand Co. Ltd in Ibaraki Province (Ibaraki is known as the scientific “capital” of Japan) with power generators of 2000 kVA prime power, this is also the first large-capacity generator in Vietnam exported to the international market. To achieve this success, the company's technical team together with the partner's technical teamwork for 2 years, to jointly manufacture and assemble each machine part following the requirements such as the system sound, operating system ... Japan is one of the most developed S&T countries in the world, so this cooperation is an important turning point for the company, from which Huu Toan will expand distribution network products as well as researching products with larger capacity, well meeting the strict requirements of future partners ”, said Mr. Ta Huu Toan.

 With the vision of "Becoming the leading manufacturer in Southeast Asia in the mechanical manufacturing industry" and supplying products to "difficult" markets, the "professional" in the research and application of S&T to produce high-quality products that meet the standards to compete with domestic products of other countries is essential. “With the current competitive trend, Huu Toan has boldly researched products for export to G7 countries, which are countries with advanced S&T and high-quality products. Therefore, to prepare for this market, the company has researched and expected that in June 2016, generator products with a capacity of 600 - 2000 kVA will meet the same standards as other products. "Import the full set and raw materials" from G7 countries but the price is lower" said Mr. Ta Huu Toan.

Hai Su

Source: Department of Science and Technology - Binh Duong

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