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Introduction of Huu Toan large capacity generator

Large capacity generators are necessary backup products used in many factories, apartments, hospitals, etc. need to use a large tonnage power source. In Vietnam today, Huu Toan brand generator is trusted by many people. Products are evaluated for superior international quality, domestic price range.

What is a large capacity generator?

Generators are products designed to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy using the principle of electromagnetic induction. The main function of the machine is power generation, rectification and voltage correction.
Large capacity generators, also known as industrial generators, are often used in buildings, apartments, offices or in factories, factories and enterprises.

Huu Toan's large capacity generator projects have been implemented

Over 40 years of operation and development, Huu Toan has become the leading prestigious brand in the production and assembly of generators in Vietnam. The unit has supplied products to many parts of the country and even the world. Some businesses and corporations have used Huu Toan's large capacity generators such as:

  • Viettel Group, military telecommunications industry group, Vietnamobile.
  • Joint Stock Company of Electrical and Plumbing Installation and Construction, Mobile World Joint Stock Company, Thu Dau Mot Water Joint Stock Company, Ton Dong A Joint Stock Company.
  • Sacombank Bank, Kien Long Bank
  • Van Hanh General Hospital, Vinh Long General Hospital, Nhu Thanh Hospital,...
Huu Toan large capacity generator

The advantages of Huu Toan's large capacity generator.

Huu Toan large-capacity explosion machine is manufactured and assembled on modern lines, possessing many outstanding advantages:

  • Fuel economy: Huu Toan focuses on putting the interests of customers first, so all products are optimized in terms of fuel consumption. Maintain stability throughout the operation and use of the machine.
  • Automatically adjust voltage balance, stable current: Even a sudden change in current will not affect the operation of the machine.
  • Extremely powerful capacity: Because it is a large-capacity generator, it is suitable for use in machinery and equipment that need large capacity.
  • Good noise reduction and silencer system: Does not affect the surrounding environment, operates smoothly.
  • The amount of power of the large-capacity generator is always stable, without flickering or intermittent. Maintain good electrical equipment.

What types of Huu Toan large capacity generators are available?

Large capacity machines at Huu Toan have both gasoline and diesel engines. However, the gasoline-powered type usually has a compact design, used mainly in households, corporate offices or small and medium-sized production.
The large capacity type is mainly oil-based. Often used in construction sites, apartments, factories, airports, hospitals, banks,...

Where to buy Huu Toan large capacity generator?

Huu Toan's agent system is present in many places across the country, stretching from North Central to South. Customers can easily contact the nearest dealer to learn and refer to the product. Or you can also call Huu Toan's hotline number, there will be a professional consulting department of the unit to advise you in detail.

What makes Huu Toan's success is not only products but also services. The thoughtfulness and dedication of each employee in the company gives customers the greatest satisfaction.

Contact for a quote on Huu Toan generator

Huu Toan lists the selling price on each product and has its own attractive discount programs for loyal customers. Besides, there are thoughtful and dedicated after-sales programs. For more information about the selling price, you can contact Huu Toan with the following information:

  • Hotline: 18001757 / 028 38111122
  • Fanpage: Huu Toan Group
  • Head office: Blue Sky Tower Building, No. 1 Bach Dang, Ward 2, Tan Binh District
  • Website: https://www.huutoan.com/

Maintenance, maintenance and repair of Huu Toan backup generator

For technical products, it is impossible to ignore after-sales services such as maintenance, maintenance, and repair when there is a problem. Huu Toan understands very well the important value of this service. And allocate maintenance stations by area for customers to easily find when needed.

During machine operation, maintenance work is very important. Timely maintenance helps prolong the life of the machine, preventing problems from occurring during operation.

You need to keep a log of the machine's operation for timely maintenance. At the same time, thanks to that, you can easily quickly detect the cause of the generator's failure when it occurs.

Huu Toan owns a team of experts and technicians with many years of experience. They are increasingly improving their skills through training courses to update new advanced technology. So when your generator has a problem or needs repair, Huu Toan is completely confident to "diagnose the pulse" and return you the most complete and healthy machine.

Please contact Huu Toan to get a better understanding of maintenance and repair services via the official hotline 18001757 / 028 38111122 or contact the nearest dealer for more details.

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