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Learn about Huu Toan industrial generators

Huu Toan industrial generator is one of the brands that many businesses are interested in choosing when in need. Let's find out some information about this brand!

To ensure normal production and business operations when there is a power outage, the use of industrial generators is a great solution for businesses. Let's learn about Huu Toan industrial generators as well as refer to some criteria to choose the right generator for your needs!

1. Criteria for selecting industrial generators

To be able to choose the right industrial generator for your power needs, according to Huu Toan, you can refer to a number of criteria when choosing a machine:

  • High durability: This is the top criterion when you buy an industrial generator. Diesel generators have the highest durability compared to current machines. Long engine life due to faster cooling system compared to gasoline and natural gas engines. Machines with engines made in Japan, America... will have high durability and quieter running.
  • Fuel economy: With industrial generators, diesel engines are the most suitable. Because diesel oil is a hard-to-burn material, the price is cheap. In addition, this machine also consumes less fuel than gasoline engines when running at the same capacity. Machine maintenance is also not too complicated when there is no spark plug, electric wire, so it does not cause accumulation of dirt and waste dust.
  • Environmentally friendly: Buying a quality industrial generator is that it needs to ensure emission and discharge standards. When operating, it does not make much noise, does not vibrate. Ensure smooth and quiet operation.
  • High economic efficiency: Choose the type of machine with the right operating capacity for the business model. Thus, ensuring work efficiency, bringing high economic efficiency.
  • Warranty and maintenance service: Of course, after the process of using the machine, it will need to be maintained, and troubleshoot and repair to ensure smooth operation. Choose generators with good, fast after-sales services!

2. What are the types of industrial generators?

Currently, industrial generators are classified according to many criteria such as: by fuel, by current, by rated capacity, or by brand available on the market:

2.1 Classification of industrial generators by fuel used:

According to this classification, there are currently 3 types of industrial generators on the market, such as:
Diesel generator: This type of generator is the choice of many businesses, buildings, schools, and hospitals. The machine uses diesel fuel with a large capacity from 100KVA, 200KVA, 300KVA, which can be up to 3000KVA.
Gasoline generators: Use gasoline fuel. This type of machine usually has a small capacity from 2KVA, 3KVA, 5KVA… This machine is used in small businesses with low power demand.
Natural gas generator: This is a generator that uses propane or liquefied petroleum gas.

2.2 Classification of industrial generators according to output voltage phase and output current:

Single-phase generator: This is a type of machine that generates a single-phase alternating current. This machine structure is quite simple and is applied a lot in life such as in family, or small-scale production and business units.
3-phase generator: This is a system with 3 alternating currents. It is used for large projects such as the construction of high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools, hydropower plants, factories, factories, etc.

2.3 Classification of generators by capacity use

Industrial generators have a variety of uses, suitable for the power needs of each unit such as capacity from 5.8KVA to 3000 KVA.

2.4 Classification of generators by brand:

Currently, there are many brands of industrial generators on the market, in which, Huu Toan is one of the names chosen by many businesses. Thanks to international standard product quality and excellent after-sales service.

3. Where to buy industrial generators?

Currently, you can easily find industrial generator suppliers in Vietnam and the world. You can buy from abroad or right in Vietnam through official distributors of manufacturers. Or you contact the domestic manufacturers directly.
However, choose reputable units to ensure quality, price as well as warranty. Support for quick maintenance when the machine has a problem.

And Huu Toan will be a great choice for you if you are in need of owning high-quality industrial generators with quick after-sales service and great experience.

4. Introduction of Huu Toan industrial generator

Huu Toan is an industrial generator factory in Vietnam, with a history of more than 40 years. This is a familiar brand of many businesses, banks, hospitals, and schools. such as: Viettel, VNPT Hai Phong, Becamex Group, Ton Dong A, Sacombank, An Binh Bank, Van Hanh General Hospital...

Huu Toan industrial generator is a reliable support companion. We always want to win the trust of customers through international quality products, professional after-sale service and a business philosophy of putting customers first. We may not have the opportunity to serve every customer yet, but we are committed

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