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Some common problems in Huu Toan gasoline generators and how to fix them

Huu Toan gasoline generator is one of the high-quality civil generators that people choose and trust. During the operation of the generator, users will inevitably encounter some unexpected problems, so Huu Toan Group would like to share some common problems in the generator engine and how to fix it. to ensure that the machine is always in the best state and operating in the most favorable conditions.

If the generator engine does not start, you can check the following parts:

1. Switch/Control valve


The motor switch is in the OFF value

Fuel lock in OFF position

Open state butterfly OPEN due to cold weather, difficult to start

How to fix:

Turn the switch to the ON . position

Move the fuel lock lever to the ON position

Move the throttle lever to the CLOSE position, after the engine has started, return the throttle lever to the OPEN position.

2. Fuel system


Fuel is exhausted or has run out

The fuel pipe is folded/clogged

Contaminated fuel and water or deterioration in the carburetor

How to fix:

Check and wash the large fuel tank, refill

Unblock or replace

Discard it and replace it with a new one

3. Lubricating oil


Lubricating oil level is lower than specified, causing the engine not to operate the specified line

Damaged viscous float touches the mass switch

How to fix:

Replenish oil and check oil gauge to


4. IC-Spark ignition system


Spark plugs have no spark due to

Dirty (dusted) electrode,

The spark plug is wet

Electrode gap is over 0.6-0.7mm due to wear

How to fix:

Clean and dry the spark plugs

Adjust the electrode gap or replace it with a new one

Need support from warranty centers of Huu Toan

After performing the process steps, if you can't fix it yourself, please  contact the free hotline 24/7: 1800 1757 to receive specific advice about the problem or you can  bring the device in. Go to the service centers according to the address published on the website huutoan.com for repair service and  replacement.


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