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Use and maintain home generator

Nowadays, the need to use the generator at home is increasing. The use and storage of generator at home should comply with strict regulations to increase the life of the device and ensure the safety of the user.


Use and maintain home generators

I. Should
II. Should not
III. Note for maintenance of generator


  • Use generators with a capacity greater than 10 - 15% of the total capacity of electrical household appliances.
  • Install a relay switch, switch the power source between the grid power system and the generator power to avoid damage to the equipment when the power is restored.
  • Install a generator ground wire to prevent electrical leakage.
  • Use a fixed fuel type and follow the manufacturer's instructions. The fuel source is not homogeneous, mixed with water or impurities will cause the machine to operate unstably, deposit sediment in the tank, and cause an explosion when operating.
  • Read the manual for the machine carefully and consult the people with professional experience or technical knowledge for advice on installation and connection. Improper connection of the power source from the generator may cause the fuse to explode, damage the generator or appliances used in the home.

Should not:

  • Place the generator in a humid area or near a fire. Never operate the generator while it is raining.
  • Use the generator in an enclosed area or in the basement because carbon monoxide (CO) is generated during the operation of the generator. The emitted CO is colorless, odorless, so it is difficult to detect. The concentration of CO only about 0.1% in the air can also be dangerous to human life
  • Refuel while the engine is running, as it creates the risk of fire.
  • Use when the generator emits a loud, unusual noise or smoke or burning smell appears.
  • Operate the generator when the coolant temperature or engine temperature is too high.

Note for maintenance of generator:

  • After every use: Check all equipment, replenish coolant and add oil if necessary.
  • After 50 hours of usage: Change the oil, clean the fuel filter, and replace the new fuel.
  • After about 100 hours of usage: It is recommended to remove all the old oil in the generator and replace the new oil, cleaning the movement and the air filter.
  • When the generator has operated for 300 hours or more: Change the cooling water, drain all fuel and clean the tank.
  • When not in use: Place the generator in a cool, dry place. After a period of inactivity, the generator should be left idling for 5-10 minutes.

Source: Vietnam Electricity

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