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Instructions for operation of gasoline generators

Huu Toan gasoline generator is one of the high quality generators that everyone chooses and trust. In order to ensure that the generator operates efficiently, safely as well as extends the life of the generators, customers need to operate the gasoline generators according to the technical process below.

Instructions for starting Huu Toan gasoline generators

1. Preparation before starting
2. Starting the generator
II. Instructions for stopping gasoline generators

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Instructions for starting Huu Toan gasoline generators

1. Preparation before starting

Before starting the generator, you need to check all items below:

  • Check the lubricant level and fuel level. Your generator should have some sort of fuel gauge. Make sure that the generator's fuel tank is adequately filled before starting the machine. Add more of the appropriate fuel, if necessary. 
  • Disconnect the power transmission from the generator. Flip the circuit breaker off. Your generator will have a switch that controls when it puts out power. Make sure that it is safely in the “OFF” position.
  • Check the solution, battery voltage, connections to the battery. Note that the fight must be extreme. 
  • Check and fix any leaks on the generator. Check and tighten the bolt, screws, screws, wires, and electrical equipment. 
  • Open the fuel supply valve (if any).
  • Make sure the generator is placed in ventilated spaces, do not leave flammable substances near or on the generator.

2. Starting the generator

Step 1: Make sure all the steps for preparation are complete.

Step 2: Start.


  • Rotate and hold the key switch to the "Run" position, the "Charge" light lights up.
  • Rotate and hold the key switch to the "Start" position until the generators start running, the "Charge" light lights off.
  • Check the light "AC" light and voltage on the voltmeter.
  • If the generator shows an abnormality, the generator must be stopped immediately.
  • Run the generator for about 01 minute, then transfer the "CB" from the "OFF" position to the "ON" position and gradually increase the load level


  • In the event of a non-start, wait 30 seconds for the restart to proceed. After 03 times that the engine still does not explode, check the cause and fix
  • Keys must not be held at "Start" for more than 10 seconds. This is harmful to the starter.
  • With the new generator, it is not recommended to operate at 50% overload of engine power during the first 50 hours of operation.
  • Do not allow the machine to operate 100% continuous load for 3 hours.
  • The machine operates best at a load level of 855. The machine must be stopped for 1 hour after running continuously for 5 hours.
  • Use a 12V battery in accordance with regulations.


Instructions for stopping gasoline generators

  • Gradually reduce the load to the lowest level.
  • Transfer "CB" to the "OFF" location.
  • Close the fuel valve


After stopping, leave the gasoline generator ventilated, do not cover up when the generator is still hot. 

For further assistance on how to operate the generator please contact our free 24/7 hotline 1800 1757.

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