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Automatically switch power from main grid to backup power. Simple and safe operation.

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Type: Contactor
Rated Current: 105 A
Warranty: 18 months
Type: Contactor
Rated Current: 150 A
Warranty: 18 months
Type: Contactor
Rated Current: 180 A
Warranty: 18 months
Type: Contactor
Rated Current: 300 A
Warranty: 18 months
Type: Socomec
Rated Current: 400A
Warranty: 18 months
Type: Socomec
Rated Current: 630 A
Warranty: 18 months
Type: Socomec
Rated Current: 800A
Warranty: 18 months

In the event of a power outage causes huge economic damage to a business. Therefore, planning a diesel generator and ATS cabinet is a must to ensure the stability and continuity of power. In this article, businesses will understand more about ATS cabinets, and how ATS varies in the application, furthermore, Huu Toan will share some tips to choose an ideal ATS cabinet 

ATS cabinets

1. What is the ATS cabinet?

ATS - Automatic Transfer Switch is a vital device in transferring a load connection between primary and alternate sources of electrical power. It allows switching automatically to alternative sources when there is a problem of power failure.

ATS’s applications are diverse in many areas such as data centers, hospitals, factories and a wide range of other facility types that require continuous or near-continuous uptime typically utilize an emergency (alternate) power source.

In general, ATS cabinets are modified by their switching mechanisms and there are 3 types of switching mechanisms contactors, changeover motorized and air circuit breakers (ACB).

2. How do ATSs vary by function?

ATS cabinets have 05 remarkable features, in addition, they also have lots of other features to fulfilled some particular needs from businesses.

2.1. Power monitoring: in any power outages from the mains, the ATS will automatically start the generator and stop automatically when the mains power is restored.

2.2. Anti-oscillation: The system will cut off power to protect the load in an unstable power supply. When the power supply is stable again, the system will wait for a while before turning on the load.

2.3. Protection: When the mains power is underperformed (phase loss, high/low voltage, high/low frequency, or power failure), the ATS automatically cuts off the load from the mains and starts the generator to supply power to the load and vice versa.

2.4. Indicator: There are LEDs to indicate the operating status of the mains and generator; the state between the load, the generator, and the mains

2.5. Allow to select the power source: The ATS system allows the user to select the mains or generator power through the switch to operate mode.

3. Structure of ATS cabinets

3.1. Main structures: ATS will have the following main parts:

1. Decal instructions to connect with the generator

2. CB protection

3. Contact controlling to connect with the generator

4. Neutral

5. Force contact to connect to the alternator, generator power, and mains

3.2. ATS control panel

The ATS control panel includes:

1. Mains power indicator light

2. Generator power indicator light

3. Main power indicator is supplying to the load

4. Generator power indicator light is supplied to the load

5. Switch that selects operating mode including gen, main, auto, on, and off; often appears in the ATS contactor Meanwhile, the ATS changeover motorized and ATS ACB switchboard will be integrated directly on the switchgear.

Currently, most ATS control panels will be integrated directly into the generator on a controller with an AMF function. However, in case the controller does not have an AMF function, the ATS cabinet must install an additional ATS controller.

3.3. Signal wire set

A Signal wire set is used to connect the generator control panel with ATS.

4. How to choose a good ATS?

Every business has a unique requirement for an ATS that matches its needs. Here are some criteria that a company should discuss with technical experts to get consultation for an ATS electrical cabinet.

4.1 Selecting based on ATS switchgear:

An ATS contactor will be a suitable choice for the need for low currents such as 22A, 100A, 200A, 250A, and 300A.

The ATS changeover motorized suits for the current with a range of 400A - 3200A.

And the high current with 4000A to 6300A, ATS ACB is the best option.

However, there are still cases where enterprises use ATS cabinets with small capacity but the dynamic switchover is motorized changeover because of the stability of the device.

4.2. What do you need to check on before purchasing?

- The reputation of the assembling company or the authorized distribution unit.

- Determining the capacity of the substation to identify the capacity that can transform for the load.

- Plan scenarios based on generator capacity and prioritization needs when there is a power failure. For example, when there is a power outage, which area will be prioritized to use electricity, which generator will be operated on, when both generators will work together, and many more cases.

The installation location of the ATS switchboard system needs to be checked carefully, for instance, whether the location is in a high or low temperature and how the environment is (near the sea or dusty).

- Lastly, the control system should be matched with the business's needs, does the control system automatically receive power switching information directly connected to the enterprise's control system? And does it automatically report according to a pre-established schedule or switch the electromagnetic circuit?

Where to purchase an ATS electrical cabinet? As shared above, purchasing and installing an ATS is very complicated and requires high expertise, there will even be some high-end ATS that integrate with synchronous cabinets with more difficulties. Therefore, businesses should buy ATS electrical cabinets at reputable manufacturing units which have a team of highly qualified consultants and technicians.

Why should you buy Huu Toan ATS?

- A wide range of capabilities with 1-phase and 3-phase, from 22A to 6300A.

Switching equipment including contactor, changeover motorized, and air circuit breakers meet the needs of diverse industries such as telecommunications, hospitals, factories, factories, factories, office buildings, and commercial centers. ,...

Huu Toan's ATS cabinets are assembled under strict quality control at Huu Toan's largest generator assembly factory in Vietnam in Chu Lai. The components and equipment of ATS electrical cabinets are imported from prestigious brands such as Mitsubishi, Fuji, and Socomec. vv.

Huu Toan’s ATSs have a wide range of prime power and switching mechanisms

In addition to product quality, Huu Toan's ATS electrical cabinets are different and superior to other units thanks to excellent after-sales service:

Huu Toan has 06 warranty stations nationwide, providing maintenance and support convenient and timely to our valued clients.

More than 100 skilled technicians with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Always put the customer first. 24/7, fast after-sales service, always available when customers need it.