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Admin - Date 16/03/2022

What is a diesel generator?

This type of generator uses an internal combustion engine and diesel fuel to operate. Diesel generators have 1.5 times higher engine efficiency than gasoline engines in the same segment. Therefore, this type of machine is often used for enterprises and large enterprises.

Guide to choosing to buy a diesel generator

Choosing a 1-phase or 3-phase diesel generator?

The two main types of diesel generators are single-phase and three-phase generators. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right machine:

Type of 1-phase diesel generator: Single-phase diesel generator is suitable for household use or small production model. Because these machines have relatively small capacity.

3-phase diesel generator: This is a machine suitable for large power needs. Ensure production and business of companies, factories, buildings, hospitals, schools...

Some reference criteria when choosing to buy a diesel generator

  • Durability: There are many diesel generator products on the market, but you should look for generators with high durability, especially in terms of engines. Machines with engines made in Japan, America... will have high durability and quieter running.
  • Fuel economy: You should learn about the fuel efficiency of the type of generator you are planning to buy.
  • Environmentally friendly: Buying a quality diesel generator is that it needs to ensure emission and discharge standards. When operating, it does not make much noise, does not vibrate. Ensure smooth and quiet operation.
  • Economic efficiency: Choose a machine with a capacity suitable for the needs of the business. If the demand is low, but the future plan does not intend to increase the use capacity, you do not need to buy a generator with too high capacity to avoid waste.
  • Warranty, maintenance and repair service: Of course, after the process of using the machine, it will need to be maintained, and it will be handled and repaired to ensure a smooth operation. Choose generators with good, fast after-sales services!

Introducing Huu Toan Diesel Generator


Huu Toan Group is a unit with more than 40 years in the field of producing diesel generators. We have become partners of many businesses. Huu Toan's products are manufactured and installed in Vietnam based on international standard technology. Each product is thoroughly tested for quality before being put on the market.

Huu Toan also integrates many preeminent features in its products such as fuel economy, noise reduction, ...

In particular, the after-sales service from Huu Toan will bring you the best experience!

Some diesel generator projects Huu Toan has implemented


The partners using Huu Toan's diesel generators are diverse in industries: from telecommunications, commerce, factories, resort services, banks, hospitals to major state agencies. government.

We have been providing generators for thousands of large and small projects at home and abroad. In which, some of the big projects we have cooperated with such as: Viettel Group, military telecommunications industry group, Vietnamobile, construction and electricity installation joint-stock company, Mobile world joint-stock company, the company. Thu Dau Mot Water Joint Stock Company, Ton Dong A Joint Stock Company, Sacombank Bank, Kien Long Bank, Van Hanh General Hospital,...

Types of diesel generators in Huu Toan


Huu Toan diesel generator has both 1 phase and 3 phase. At the same time, we have a variety of capacities from 5.6 KVA to more than 3000 KVA. Therefore, you can easily choose the right product for your business needs. We design power solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Outstanding advantages of Huu Toan diesel generator


  • High-efficiency diesel engine. Therefore, it can be used in industry and commerce. For example: hospital, factory, factory, office, commercial center,...

  • Fuel economy: With quality engines from world-famous brands such as Yanmar, Volvo, FPT, MTU... so it can save fuel effectively.
  • Noise reduction: Huu Toan generator is applied with silencer technology, making the machine operate more smoothly. Therefore, it is possible to limit the noise and not affect everyone in the enterprise or company.
  • Safe for users: The oil machine is not explosive, produces less toxic gases and is easier to store.
    Durable diesel generator engine: The diesel engine at Huu Toan has high quality, cools faster than other machines, so the life of the machine is longer.
  • Diesel generators with different capacities. So you can choose a machine that best suits your needs.

In which cases to use Huu Toan diesel generator?


The power grid system often has problems, even small ones, affecting production and labor activities. Therefore, every business should have an alternative to grid electricity when it is urgent.

In these cases, a diesel generator is considered the most optimal solution. And diesel injector will be a good choice not only suitable for small business. But it also meets the high power demand for businesses and facilities that need to ensure stable operation such as banks, hospitals...  So even if there is a power failure, businesses still won't affected economic performance.

Where to buy Huu Toan diesel generator?


Huu Toan is a famous system of supplying and distributing large capacity generators nationwide. In recent years, the company has made new strides in exporting generators to the international market.

You can buy machines with large capacity motors from 5.6KVA  to 3000KVA at Huu Toan Group's dealer network nationwide. All engines are imported directly by Huu Toan from famous brands in the world. Prominent as Kohler, Baudouin, Yanmar, Volvo, MTU. After that, it is assembled in Vietnam with modern production lines and technical assurance. Businesses can buy a large capacity generator of international quality at a reasonable cost.

Contact for quotation of Huu Toan diesel generator


If you are in need of buying a diesel engine, Huu Toan is the best choice. Not only the price of diesel generator is cheap, but the quality is also very good. At the same time, you also get the best warranty. Customers can find and buy the company's products at the dealer system. Or contact us directly for product advice and quotation:

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