Huu Toan Marine Dynamo Launching

Admin - Date 20/03/2022

Huu Toan Group is proud to be the first alternator manufacturer in Vietnam. We have launched a new series of alternator sets (also known as a dynamo) with innovative features compared to Huu Toan’s alternators, which has been very successful in the market.

Innovative features on our marine dynamo:

  • The shell is constructed from 4mm thick steel, Epoxy Jotun Primax Protect's which provides high durability, aesthetics, and resistance to corrosion from sea salt.
  • Stator and rotor are made of low loss electrical engineering steel, coated with an insulating varnish according to marine standards.
  • 100% pure copper wire is coated with 2 layers of EI / AIW insulating enamel with heat resistance up to 220OC, helping to improve power efficiency and quality.
  • The brush set uses alloy carbon with a high copper phase ratio, quick excitation, reduced heat generation, low loss, and abrasion.
  • We design and attach an overload protector to ensure safety when using. Electronic meter for the purpose of easily checking voltage and amperage.
  • Japanese KOYO bearings are used with polyamide - 2RS water and dust sealed rings.
  • The mechanical parts are automatically processed by a CNC lathe and generator system to create components with high uniformity and accuracy.

The marine dynamo released for sale covers a power range from 2.8 to 16 kW allowing them to meet the custom different demands. 

For more sharing from our customers, please watch the video.