Industrial generator rental service in Huu Toan

Admin - Date 16/03/2022

Need to rent a generator

Business activities always need power to maintain 24/7. In fact, there are cases of sudden power failure due to some objective or subjective cause. This causes obstacles and significant losses for many businesses.

It is therefore necessary to equip a backup generator. However, the price of a generating set is not small for small businesses. If the need for use is only in a short time, renting a generator will save a lot of money than owning it.

The higher the capacity of the generator, the higher the cost. Moreover, to operate and maintain the generator also incurs a lot of costs. Many small businesses have chosen to rent generators as the most optimal solution. Thanks to that, generator rental service is growing and expanding nationwide. To meet the growing needs of customers.

Experience when renting a generator

To help customers rent machines according to their needs, industrial generator rental service in Huu Toan summarizes some specific experiences:

Customers need to choose the right capacity when renting

As a tenant, you need to understand how much capacity you should rent. The capacity must be accurate so that there is no excess or lack of it causing many consequences. You must understand the overall power consumption of production and business activities. From there, calculate the machine capacity that needs to be consulted before renting.

In case the leased machine has a capacity smaller than the demand, it will easily cause fire and explosion, damage the equipment connected to the machine. And rental machines with too large capacity will cause waste. Therefore, you can actively calculate or ask the technical experts of the rental unit to advise you to rent the right machine.

Calculate the length and select the cable to connect the device

What length and type of cable you need to use, you must provide specifically with the lessor. Although it is a small factor, it is easily forgotten, which will lead to unnecessary prolongation of machine operating time.

If you are not prepared, you can discuss this with the lessor. They will fully prepare in advance so as not to lose time and interrupt work.

Estimated machine rental cost

As a business owner, you must calculate and estimate a reasonable rental cost. Not cheap is to rent, nor expensive is good machine. Many business owners rent machines 100% imported from abroad at very expensive prices, causing waste. You can consider domestic brands but international product quality, domestic price range.

The location of the machine is suitable

Units need space to fit. If you are not familiar with this, you can seek advice from the generator lessor. With experience and technical knowledge, they can give you the clearest, most specific instructions. 

Reasons to rent a Huu Toan industrial generator

Huu Toan industrial generator product is the leading generator brand in Vietnam. The machine has many different capacities from small to large, suitable for all rental or purchase needs of customers.

Huu Toan has affirmed the prestige and quality of its products and services during the past 40 years. The unit has been constantly growing with more than 150 agents nationwide and more than 30 international customers. Machine consumption is up to more than 19,000 machines per year. These talking numbers prove the excellent quality Huu Toan generator owns.

Huu Toan is not only strong in products but also services. When renting a machine from Huu Toan, you will be supported by technical staff during the operation. The machine delivered to the customer is committed to quality and correct capacity. Reasonable prices, clear listings. In particular, Huu Toan will have an after-sales maintenance regime during the long-term generator rental process. Help customers save huge costs. Customers are completely assured when renting a generator from Huu Toan.

Procedures and processes for renting Huu Toan generators

All rental procedures and processes are as follows:

  • The consulting department receives requests to rent machines from customers.
  • Consulting to determine machine capacity and suitable choice for customers.
  • Send a specific quote.
  • Customers can choose to rent by the hour, by day, by week, by month, or by year, depending on the needs and purposes of use.
  • Close the rental machine and make a rental contract
  • Support transportation, installation, and commissioning on site.
  • Ready to advise and provide technical support when having problems, customers need advice.

Huu Toan industrial generator rental price list

Depending on the capacity of the machine and the rental period, the price also varies. For more information about generator rental service, please contact Huu Toan via the address below:

Hotline: 18001757 / 028 38111122

Fanpage: Huu Toan Group

Head office: Blue Sky Tower Building, No. 1 Bach Dang, Ward 2, Tan Binh District

Website: https://huutoan.com/