Launching GVN-HT5.0 GENERATOR HUU TOAN New in town GVN-HT5.0

Admin - Date 15/07/2022

Empower people to pursue their callings GVN-HT5.0 gasoline generator 5kVA has been researched and assembled by Huu Toan Group for more than a year. Huu Toan aims to back customers' businesses and llfestyles with an economical energy solution that empowers customers to pursue their own journey!

GVN-HT5.0 is a gasoline generator in the mid-range segment (Economy) of Huu Toan. The product is not only competitive in price and quality compared to other products in the same segment on the market, but GVN-HT5.0 also marks a remarkable milestone for Huu Toan. We, due the economic crisis, are urged to create a power backup solution to ensure our customers’ businesses and daily activities to run smoothly.

GVN-HT5.0 possesses a unique appearance like a miniature container with two catchy colors of gold and black that will bring an impressive visual experience at first. Operating quickly in just a few simple steps but still ensuring safety during use-time, GVN-HT5.0 surely brings you a WOW experience.

Let's take a look at the outstanding features of the GVN-HT5.0.

1. Bark

The outer frame is firmly designed in combination with the soundproof shell designed by Huu Toan's own skilled engineers. The thickness of the soundproof increases the sound-proofing ability but there are vents to help the machine always receive enough cool wind for durable and strong operation.

Vỏ giảm ồn máy phát điện xăng GVN-HT5.0

2. Fuel tank:

The large fuel tank helps to increase running time, minimizing disruption during opertaion.

3. Push handle

The push handle has a flexible, multi-functional design that supports both lifting and pushing. Operating the handle is quite simple and quick, so when finished using the machine, it can be removed immediately to save space.

4. Wheel

The castors are very sturdy and durable, making it extremely mobile, even women and middle-aged people can move the machine easily. Preventing strong vibrations during operation, Huu Toan has developed a cushion cover with a thick and sturdy rubber layer at the base.

5. Control panel

The control panel is researched very simple but no less modern, it will help to kick-start the generator faster. Although simple, they still ensure technical safety for users when interacting with the machine.

See Teaser video of the product:

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