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Admin - Date 16/03/2022

In order to ensure stable and uninterrupted operation when there is a problem with the power grid. Join Huu Toan Group to find out useful information for you to better understand!

What is a 3 phase generator?

3-phase generators usually use diesel engines. It has a large capacity from over 10KVA to thousands of KVA. This type of machine is used as a backup power source for factories, enterprises, and large projects.

Introducing Huu Toan 3-phase generator

Huu Toan is a famous generator brand in Vietnam. Here you can buy products with famous engines in the world such as: Kohler, Baudouin, Yanmar, Volvo, MTU. In addition, you also get a super good warranty. With a nationwide network of distributors and warranty stations, we will help you solve all problems as quickly as possible. Product prices at Huu Toan are always competitive.

In particular, Huu Toan has been constantly trying to build a foothold for the Vietnamese brand in the international market. Always improve the quality of products, services, and best prices to customers. Huu Toan deserves to be the brand that accompanies every business.

Why should you buy a 3-phase generator of Huu Toan brand?

In addition to the variety of products and good quality, when you buy a 3-phase diesel generator at Huu Toan, you also get:

  • Delivery and installation of products. Also detailed instructions for use for the product.
  • Product warranty is up to 18 months.
  • Maintain and maintain products quickly to avoid affecting business operations. Get the fastest support when problems occur during use.
  • Engines imported from the US, Germany, Japan, ... should have high durability and limit absolute noise.
  • Attractive generator price, competitive.

How much is Huu Toan 3-phase generator price?

Depending on the capacity of the 3-phase generator and the motor, the price varies. There are many prices from several tens of millions to hundreds of millions for you to choose. Please contact the seller for more information and pricing.

Maintenance and repair of 3-phase generators

For brushless 3-phase generators, not only check and repair the machine before and during use. The machine needs periodic maintenance to operate in the best condition.

Perform regular repair and maintenance of industrial generators

The machine is operating for the first 50-100 hours, it is necessary to check the level of lubricating oil and cooling water.

After 500 hours of running, it is necessary to check, clean the machine, change the oil.

Check the system for fuel and engine oil leaks regularly.

Notes to know when using a generator

Location of the machine: Do not place the generator in the basement, garage, under the floor, etc., in closed places and near the windbreak system.

Connect the machine properly: It is recommended to plug external devices directly into the generator when the equipment has a small capacity. When supplying power, do not plug the generator directly into the home electrical panel system. The user must not reverse-charge by plugging the generator into a wall outlet.

Check, maintain and clean the machine periodically.

Exciting the generator must be done slowly

Turn off the generator immediately if there is a dangerous phenomenon

Don't leave anything in the device

Smoking is prohibited near generators.

Addresses selling Huu Toan 3-phase generator today

With more than 40 years in the market, Huu Toan has accompanied thousands of businesses in Vietnam and the world. This is really the brand you should look for when you need to buy a generator for your home or business.

In Vietnam, it is not difficult to find the addresses of Huu Toan's generators. You can call the hotline 18001757 / 02838.1111.22 of Huu Toan to get information about the nearest Huu Toan agent and branch.

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