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Admin - Date 16/03/2022

What is generator capacity?

The power of the generator (Genset) is also known as power consumption. Capacity is represented by symbolic parameters, helping users know the amount of electricity that will be consumed in a month of use. From there, users can calculate how much electricity bill is paid monthly.

Depending on the needs of each household, production facility, and business, the machine chosen has different capacities. This is a problem that causes difficulties and headaches for most customers when choosing to buy a generator.

Understanding the capacity of the generator is the basis for choosing the right machine. Avoid situations of overloading electricity, causing short-circuits, and damage to equipment connected to the generator. Or wasteful when choosing a machine with too large capacity.

How to calculate generator power

First, we must clearly understand the relevant factors such as the unit of power measurement, the power factor before coming to the calculation.

Unit of measurement of generator power

kW: Kilowatt

1kW=1000W (unit of measuring power consumption)

kW is the word used in the international unit of measurement.

kVa: Kilo Volt-Ampere

1kVA=1000VA (measurement of current capacity)

Note: The KVA to KW conversion value is determined as 1 KW = 0.8 KVA

I: Amperage

The unit of measurement of amperage has the symbol: A (Ampere)

When getting the number of Amps consumed, the power will be calculated according to the above formula, this is the most accurate method.

U: Voltage (Voltage)

The unit of voltage measurement is Volt in Vietnam. Single-phase is 220V, 3 phase is 380V.

PF: Power Factor

In the field of generators is usually: 0.8

√3 ~ 1.73

Power factor

The power factor Cosφ of an AC system is the ratio of the actual power absorbed by the load to the apparent power flowing in the circuit. And is a dimensionless quantity in the closed range -1 to 1.

The formula for calculating power factor: Cosφ = PS

Where: P is the effective power (W)

S is apparent power (VA)

How to choose a generator with the right capacity?

First, you need to estimate the total amount of lost capacity of electrical equipment in use to serve daily activities, production, business,... From there, you choose to buy a generator that can capacity greater than 10% - 25% of actual power consumption is the safest.

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