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Admin - Date 16/03/2022

Industrial generators are very necessary equipment for organizations and businesses... in order to backup power and minimize damage in the event of a power grid failure.

Generators on the market are very diverse in terms of capacity, brand, engine, price... So how to choose the industrial generator that best suits actual needs and best price. Let Huu Toan learn more about useful information through this article.

Tư vấn cách chọn mua máy phát điện công nghiệp đúng nhu cầu

To choose the right machine for our needs, first we need to learn about the popular industrial generators on the market. Here is the classification of industrial explosives:

1. Types of industrial generators.

1.1. Classification of industrial generators by fuel used

According to this classification, there are currently 3 types of industrial explosives on the market, such as:

  • Diesel-powered industrial generators: Diesel-powered machines with large capacities from 100KVA, 200KVA, 300KVA, can be up to 3000KVA. Industrial diesel generators have many advantages that other types do not have, so they are often chosen by many businesses. Some advantages can be mentioned such as: low operating costs, high power, long life and durability, low maintenance costs, maintenance time 2-3 times compared to engines running on natural gas course. The biggest disadvantage of diesel generators is the high initial investment cost. With high backup power needs, choosing to buy a diesel-powered industrial generator will be the most suitable.

  • Gasoline-powered industrial generators: Using gasoline fuel and usually with small capacity from 2KVA, 3KVA, 5KVA... are often used in small business models. The advantage is the low initial investment cost. However, it usually has a short maintenance time, high operating costs, easy to wear and tear machinery, small capacity... so it is rarely used in the industrial field.

  • Natural gas generator: This is a type of machine that uses propane or liquefied petroleum gas. The price of this machine is not cheap and the size is quite bulky.

1.2. Classification of industrial explosives according to output voltage and current phase

  • Single-phase generator: This is a type of machine that generates single-phase alternating current. The structure of this machine is quite simple and it is widely used in life such as family, small business.

  • 3-phase industrial generator: This is a system with 3 alternating currents. It is used for large projects such as construction of high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools, hydropower plants, factories, factories, etc.

1.3. Sort by brand

Currently, on the market, there are many generators from different brands. But in general, we can classify them into two types: machines imported directly from abroad and machines manufactured in the country.

  • Industrial explosives imported from abroad:

These types of machines usually have good quality, high durability, and save fuel. However, the price is very expensive because there will be many import taxes and fees. In addition, after-sales service also faces many difficulties.

  • Domestic industrial explosives:

Along with the worldwide integration, Vietnam has been able to create its own brands of quality-assured industrial generators.

In Vietnam, there are many reputable units in the field of designing, manufacturing and assembling industrial generators according to OEM model. In addition to using engines, spare parts, input equipment from reputable brands, many domestic generator manufacturing companies have invested in factories meeting international standards, a team of highly qualified engineers has allowed launched products with Vietnamese brands and international quality. Helping users have the same experience as monolithic imported machines from abroad.

The advantage of after-sales service is also one of the important reasons that domestic brands are increasingly favored by the Vietnamese market. Among them, Huu Toan is the exclusive partner of the world's leading engine brands: Yanmar, Volvo, FPT, MTU, Kohler...

1.4. What is the best industrial generator to buy?

If you are wondering “Which type of industrial generator is best?” Huu Toan would like to answer: "It is not buying the largest capacity, the most expensive machine is the most effective. But it is essential that you choose the right machine for your needs to use it. "For the industrial sector, with high demand for use, Huu Toan recommends choosing generators with engines running. diesel oil.


2. How to buy industrial explosives that suit your needs.

There are many factors to consider when choosing to buy a generator, but a few important criteria that you need to pay attention to are as follows:

  • Generator capacity

  • Engine type

  • Budget

  • Noise Level

  • Trademark

2.1. First you need to determine how much capacity the machine to buy

You calculate the total kW consumed by electrical appliances, then calculate the kVA. For ease of visualization, here is the easiest formula to calculate kW to kVA as follows: kVA=kW/0.8.

Normally, you should choose a machine with a capacity greater than 10% - 25% of the actual power consumption is most suitable.

2.2. Next you need to choose the right engine for your needs.

Buy petrol or diesel?

Depending on your needs, you can choose a petrol, oil or natural gas machine. If you need a compact, small-capacity generator, you can choose a gasoline generator. If the demand for electricity is high, then priority should be given to diesel generators. Or a natural gas engine if the fuel supply is convenient.

In addition, if the demand for electricity is less than 20kVA, you can choose a 1-phase motor, and vice versa, choose a 3-phase industrial generator. 3-phase machines have the advantage of a powerful motor, stable operation, and can operate continuously for a long time. Suggest some engine brands that are highly appreciated by users today such as: Yanmar, Volvo, FPT, MTU, Kohler, ...

2.3. Consider your budget to choose the right industrial blaster.

Depending on your financial situation, you choose the machine price segment for your business. If your budget is lower than the above motor lines, you can choose motor lines such as: Baudouin, DooSan… You can also choose used but still new industrial machines to save money.

2.4. Note:

The noise level of industrial explosives is quite large, up to 100dB. Therefore, you can choose to buy machines with noise-canceling covers.

  • Voltage regulation: If the generator does not have automatic voltage regulation, it will be easily damaged. You should choose a machine with automatic voltage regulator AVR.

  • After the process of using the machine, it will need to be maintained, and it will be repaired and repaired to ensure smooth operation. You should pay attention to learn about the supplier's warranty, maintenance and repair regime and should only choose models with good after-sales service.

3. Price list of industrial generators.

Industrial generator prices vary widely. It depends on many criteria, the most important of which are the engine and capacity of the machine, as well as the fuel source used by the machine. Below is a general price list of industrial generators by engine, you can refer to:

General industrial generator price list





450 - 915



28 - 400


1000 - 2000



8 - 50



60 - 400


Volvo Penta

250 - 650



450 - 900


1000 - 3000


Because there are many different types of machines as well as quite diverse prices, for a detailed industrial generator quote, you can directly contact the manufacturer or official dealer for supply and advice. specific issue.


4. Where to buy generators?

Currently, you can easily find suppliers and sellers of industrial explosives in Vietnam and the world. However, choose reputable units to ensure quality, price as well as warranty service, maintenance and quick repair when the machine has problems.

For generators with large and very large capacity, 3-phase industrial generators, you should contact the manufacturer directly for specific advice and the most accurate quote. And Huu Toan will be a great suggestion for you if you are in need of a high-quality generator with quick after-sales service and great experience.

5. Introduction of industrial generator Huu Toan

5.1. About Huu Toan

Huu Toan is a generator factory in Vietnam, with a history of more than 40 years. This is a familiar brand of many businesses, banks, hospitals, schools, retail chains such as Viettel, VNPT Hai Phong, Becamex Group, Ton Dong A, Sacombank, An Binh Bank, Van General Hospital. Hanh, The Gioi Di Dong, PNJ… Huu Toan industrial explosive is a reliable support companion. We always want to win the trust of customers through international quality products, professional after-sales service and the business philosophy of putting customers first.

We may not have had the opportunity to serve every customer yet, but we are committed to always keeping the faith of the customers we are fortunate to serve. Huu Toan is a pioneer in exporting generators to Southeast Asian markets (Myanmar, Bangladesh, Panama, Indo, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia) and Japan.

5.2. Some advantages of Huu Toan industrial generator:

  • High quality products: Engines imported from big, famous brands in the world. Prominent such as Kohler, Yanmar, Volvo, MTU... are assembled in Vietnam with modern lines, a team of professional engineers and workers, many years of experience in the profession.

  • Diversity: Generators vary in capacity from 5.8KVA to 3000 KVA. Diverse types of machines: 3-phase, 1-phase industrial generators, petrol... We design power solutions to meet the different needs of each customer.

  • Supply many types of generators: diesel, gasoline, single-phase, 3-phase,...

  • After-sales mode: Currently, Huu Toan has a nationwide warranty, maintenance and repair station. Customers can easily find, buy, and warranty and maintain the machine quickly, anytime, anywhere. Thus ensuring the operation of the business. Constantly researching to upgrade products, services and policies for customers


6. Maintenance, repair and maintenance of industrial generators

Currently, Huu Toan has 6 nationwide warranty stations. Makes maintenance and product maintenance more convenient. You can contact Huu Toan Hotline 18001757 for the fastest support.

Information about Huu Toan's warranty, maintenance and repair stations:



Address:  Lot D7-4, Hanoi Dai Tu Industrial Park, 386  Nguyen Van Linh, Long Bien District, Hanoi


Address:  Lot 31, Vo Chi Cong Street, Ward  Hoa Xuan, Cam Le District, City. Danang


Address:  D17 Thu Khoa Huan, Phu  Thuy Ward, City. Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province


Address:  Lot 19, Road A2, Phu An Residential Area,   Phu Thu Ward, Cai Rang District, City. Can Tho


Address: 5/219, Group 4A, Hoa Lan 1 Quarter, Thuan Giao Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province


Address:  Group 3, Ganh Gio Hamlet, Cua Duong Commune, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province



7. Contact for Huu Toan generator quotation consultation

Huu Toan always wants to bring the optimal solution of electricity to every business. Coming to Huu Toan, you can buy a large capacity generator of international quality at a reasonable cost, with after-sales service and great experiences! Customers can contact us directly for advice and quotes via the contact address: