Things to know when buying a gasoline generator

Admin - Date 16/03/2022

So which type of gasoline engine to choose, when there are so many types of machines on the market with different brands and prices? Join us to find the answer to this question.

1. What is a gasoline generator, how does it work?

A gasoline generator is an engine that uses gasoline fuel to generate electricity to help the machine work. This type of machine usually has a small capacity, suitable for use in homes, offices, small businesses or spaces with a moderate area.

How it works:

• Gasoline fuel and air will be mixed together in the carburetor.

• This combustion mixture will be compressed with a ratio of 8:1 to 12:1 and ignited by spark plugs.

• Combustion of the mixture of fuel and air in the cylinder will generate work. From there, electricity is generated to serve the electrical equipment to operate.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of gasoline generators

• Advantages

• Simple design, compact and easy to operate.

• Simple startup.

• Low cost.

• Noise and vibration are not too loud.

• Defect

• High operating costs because gasoline prices are higher than oil.

• Fuel consumption is also higher.

3. When to buy a gasoline generator

Gasoline generators are very suitable for use in homes, small offices, telecommunications stations… thanks to the advantages of compact size, ease of operation, low noise and vibration.

For factories, enterprises ... where there is a need to consume a large amount of electricity, it is more appropriate to use an oil generator.

4. Classification of gasoline generators

Gasoline generators are mainly classified as:

Generator 1 phase or 3 phase.

• Single-phase gasoline generators usually have small capacity, suitable mainly for household use.

• 3-phase gasoline generators have medium and large capacity and are more complex than single-phase generators. This type is also used in households, businesses, small production and industrial applications.

In addition, gasoline generators are also classified according to the purpose of use such as civil and industrial.

5. Guide to buying gasoline generators

5.1 Preparation before buying

• Determine the electricity consumption needs of the places where you live and work. From there calculate the actual power consumption to choose the appropriate machine. It is best to choose a machine with a capacity greater than 10 - 25%. Do not choose a machine with a capacity that is too large to cause waste or too small to cause unsafety to use.

• Determine the budget to spend for the generator item. Currently, the initial investment cost for a gasoline generator is not too high, so you can easily choose a good one without having to spend too much initial cost.

• Find out carefully the model, brand, engine operation, especially some technical parameters that need attention such as: fuel consumption, noise resistance, ... before buying. If necessary, you can contact the hotline of each supplier for detailed advice.

• In particular, you need to pay attention to the after-sales service of the generator manufacturer. Service, maintenance and repair centers should be located in areas so that you can contact them immediately when there is a problem.

5.2 Notes in the process of buying a gasoline generator

• When receiving the goods, you should carefully check the necessary warranty papers, check the genuine stamps.

• Prepare a suitable and safe installation site: It is necessary to place the machine in a flat, dry, cool, covered place. Do not leave unnecessary items around the gasoline generator. Electricity is very dangerous, so pay attention to environmental factors around the area where the machine is located.

• Test operation when receiving the machine.

• Negotiate transportation and ask technical support to advise on proper operation at the installation point.

6. What should be noted when using a gasoline generator?

How to connect external devices to the generator

• It is recommended to plug external devices directly into the generator only if the equipment has a small capacity.

• Note: Fit for sufficient machine capacity, should not exceed the actual capacity of the generator, causing the machine to be easily overloaded and damaged.

• Do not plug the generator back into your wall outlet. This action makes the generator a transformer that is dangerous to the people living in the house or the neighbors.

Operation and use

• The seller's technical specialist will support the trial operation when installing the machine. Please pay attention to follow and operate the machine properly. If operated in the wrong way, the machine can easily be damaged.

• Do not use equipment that consumes more power than the generator. This may cause the generator fuse to explode or damage the equipment connected to the machine.

• Be careful not to touch or operate the machine in case of wet hands to avoid electric shock.

• Absolutely do not let children and pets come into contact with generators to avoid unfortunate consequences.

• The machine works for about 50 - 100 hours, it is recommended to change the oil and check the blower parts, cooling water, ... to ensure the machine is stable before use.

Storing fuel used for generators

• Should follow the requirements for fuel used for the machine, should not try to use gasoline instead of oil or oil instead of gasoline, because it will make the machine easily damaged and not working.

• When the engine is in operation, if you want to add fuel, you must turn off the engine, let it cool down, and then refuel. Because gasoline will easily ignite when the engine is hot or in operation. In case of spilled fuel, let the fuel evaporate before starting the engine.

• Do not smoke or use fire, lighters to light the generator.

• Storing fuel in the tank must meet quality standards, away from living places, away from heat sources.

7. Gasoline generator price

Capacity, fuel used, brand, machine size, ... are factors that affect the price of a generator.

For gasoline generators, the capacity is usually small, so the price segment is also suitable for the needs of many households.

Moreover, the design of gasoline-powered machines is also compact and convenient, and the price is also much lower than that of industrial diesel-powered machines.

Depending on the brand, gasoline generators also have different prices. Machines of big brands will be higher than those from units that are not well known to the market.

Monolithic machines imported from abroad will have a higher price than domestic machines, due to import tax and shipping policies.

8. Address to buy gasoline generator

Gasoline generators are sold more commonly than large industrial diesel generators. You can buy it at stores, electronics supermarkets, Nguyen Kim, ... Or dealers, showrooms of suppliers.

In particular, gasoline generators are also sold directly through e-commerce sites such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Sendo, etc. You just need to find out and discuss specifically with the supplier on it to buy. row.

The advantage of e-commerce sites is the public price, the manufacturer's public supply, and it's easy to contact for advice. And you can directly evaluate the quality of products and services on e-commerce applications.

In case you need to buy a gasoline generator with a separate design to suit your location or your own needs, please contact the manufacturer directly. Huu Toan is a unit specializing in designing, manufacturing and assembling generators from basic to complex, if you are interested, you can contact the unit for advice:

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