Understand about large capacity generators

Admin - Date 16/03/2022

The generator market in general and large capacity generators in particular is extremely diverse. Therefore, choosing the right machine for your needs is also difficult. To solve this problem, you should learn some more useful information about this product through this article.

1. Who is a large capacity generator suitable for?

Generators with a capacity of several hundred kVA or more are called high-capacity generators. The larger the capacity, the greater the electrical energy efficiency, which can meet more electrical equipment. Therefore, this type of generator is capable of supplying power to many devices and machines using electricity at the same time.

Generators are widely used in civil and industrial electricity. A generator of several hundred or several thousand kVA can be installed in large apartment buildings, hospitals, and hotels. These are civil objects that need a large backup power source due to dense population.

Large capacity generators are the perfect choice in industrial parks, factories, workshops, medium and large scale production units. Only large capacity generators can meet all the electricity consumption needs of these units. Thereby helping to stabilize business activities and improve productivity, without disrupting production and business activities due to power outages.

In addition, large-capacity generators are also widely used in mountainous areas and islands where there is no access to grid electricity but still have to use electricity regularly.

2. Top of large capacity generators available on the market.

There are many brands of large capacity generators on the market that Vietnamese people consider and trust. Some of the brands include:

Japan's Mitsubishi Generator

Mitsubishi is a brand familiar to Vietnamese users. In which, industrial generators with a capacity range from 480kva-2500kva using Mitsubishi engines are trusted by many customers.

This machine series has a strong and durable engine, high durability, low fuel consumption, saving operating and maintenance costs.

However, the main disadvantage is that the cost of direct import from Japan is quite high, affecting the estimated budget of customers.

Cummins brand large capacity generator (USA)

Cummins is a world leader in the design and manufacture of backup industrial generators. As the big brother in the village of large-capacity generators, Cummins has asserted outstanding quality over the centuries.

Therefore, in terms of advantages, Cummins industrial explosives possess all the preeminent features. Only the biggest disadvantage is the price and segment of the product. Along with quality is always an uncomfortable price range. Therefore, customers need to consider before deciding to buy the right generator for their needs.

Besides, there are still brands of high-capacity backup generators that are interested by many Vietnamese people such as Sumokama, Kujoyo (Japan), Doosan (Korea), Perkins (UK),...

The common point of imported machine brands is the powerful engine, outstanding quality. But there are also many weaknesses in service and price. A competitive product is both guaranteed in quality and reasonably stable in the price segment. Imported models are not optimized for this aspect.

Huu Toan brand large capacity generator (Vietnam)

The big bright spot in recent times in the generator consumption market in Vietnam is the Huu Toan brand. The unit has a history of more than 40 years in the industry. And increasingly improving quality, has built great trust in the minds of Vietnamese people.

In particular, the large-capacity generator series maximizes its strengths when owning engines from world-renowned brands such as Yanmar, Volvo, FPT, MTU, Kohler, etc.

Huu Toan manufactures generators in the form of OEM to ensure superior engine quality, absolutely not half inferior to machines imported from abroad.

Besides, manufacturing according to the OEM model also overcomes the disadvantages of cost. Helping local people access quality machinery at domestic prices. And after-sales service also becomes easier when the team of technical experts is well-trained. Customers will be more assured when the machine encounters any pr

4. Experience choosing to buy a large capacity generator right for your needs

Before deciding to invest in buying a generator for business activities, production, residential areas, apartments, ..., you need to consider a number of factors such as:

• Finance: Calculate the budget to spend on backup industrial generators. Knowing the maximum and minimum budget makes it easier to limit the selection segment and select the machine.

• Machine capacity: Calculate the appropriate power level for the total power consuming devices and then decide how much capacity to choose. This is extremely important because it affects the productivity of the business. Usually, it is recommended to choose a machine with a capacity greater than 10% - 25% of the actual power consumption is most suitable.

• Save costs with old generators: You can also consider old generators that are still in good use to save budget for the unit. Currently, the market always has a place for good reusable products. Generators of reputable brands will not lose quality because of old machines. However, you should also be careful with old engines that are only refurbished outside and the engine is past its expiration date or comes from an unreputable brand.

• Suitable installation location: Before choosing to buy a machine, you need to check whether the installation location is large enough or too large (wasting) for the system you want to choose? And is that location convenient to move when there is a problem? Consideration and careful preparation of the installation location is a wise action before deciding to buy a machine.

• Installation completion time: This factor is easily overlooked, creating a passive situation for many businesses, affecting work productivity. A machine available in the market that suits your requirements also needs time to complete installation and commissioning. In case you need a machine with your own design, it requires the manufacturer to spend more time to assemble. Therefore, preparation is never redundant.

5. How much does a large capacity generator cost?

There are many factors that affect the price of industrial generators. Thereby creating many different price segments.

Motivation is the most important factor contributing to price determination. The higher the quality of the motor, the higher the price. Especially the engines of the world's top brands.

The price will fluctuate according to the capacity from small to large. The larger the machine, the more complicated and cumbersome the design will be, the higher the price will be.

Single-phase or 3-phase AC machines also have different prices because of different levels of complexity.

Famous or ordinary brands, foreign or domestic, prestigious or ordinary,... all have an influence on price action.

In addition, factors such as fuel used, old or new machine, sales address, ... also significantly affect the selling price of the machine.

So, depending on your budget, you choose the price segment yourself and from there find a supplier to find out more specifically about the price before buying.

6. Where to buy a large capacity generator?

Today, with the market economy mechanism, private distribution units were born, creating easy conditions for those who need access to products. Electronics centers, electronics supermarkets, Nguyen Kim, e-commerce platforms, ... all offer generators at public prices.

In particular, the information about the machine is described clearly and in detail on all internet and mass communication devices. Machine-savvy consumers are no longer confused when they want to learn about any model or brand.

However, the line of large capacity generators is more complicated and requires a more professional, more knowledgeable consultant. Therefore, the machine is only distributed in official dealers and manufacturers. If you have a need, please contact these exact points of sale.

7. Huu Toan large capacity generator

Huu Toan is a domestic generator brand trusted by many people. With a history of 40 years of establishment and development, Huu Toan is constantly upgrading itself to be more and more suitable to the diverse needs of customers.

Large customers across the country are very secure when using Huu Toan's high-capacity explosives. Some units can be mentioned such as: Viettel Group, military telecommunications industry group, Vietnamobile; Joint Stock Company of Electrical and Plumbing Installation and Construction, Mobile World Joint Stock Company, Thu Dau Mot Water Joint Stock Company, Ton Dong A Joint Stock Company; Sacombank, Kien Long Bank; Van Hanh General Hospital, Vinh Long General Hospital, Nhu Thanh Hospital,...

To know more about Huu Toan's large capacity generator products, you can contact the unit through the address information below:

• Hotline: 18001757 / 028 38111122

• Fanpage: Huu Toan Group

• Head office: Blue Sky Tower, No. 1 Bach Dang, Ward 2, Tan Binh District

• Website: https://huutoan.com/